Friday, October 29, 2010

Maxim and PeeWee

K, the meeting will start...thanks for showing up Monsieur Polar and Bonhomme. Bonhomme, Bonhomme, c'est tout jouer...

Maman!! Was that you or Figaro?!

Maman, I have no words...

Well hello there PeeWee, nice of you to show up.

Alright PeeWee. Do your worst.

Victory is mine!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Favorite Things...

His blue the morning they are a nice and light, mid-day they have a bit of gray radiating off the pupil like mine and in the evening they are the richest hue of navy.

The small of his back....this is where is he most ticklish...if he's nursing and I graze his back in any way, he immediately arches and wiggles. He is JUST like his dad this way...very sensitive to the touch.

His dimples..I dont know where they came from, neither DH nor I have dimples but they are cute nonetheless and we'll take them.

His chubby cheeks...I kiss them constantly, I cant even help myself. He gets a million kisses a day.

His little biceps...they are just so cute, he's already got some "definition." I imagine him to be a grown man some day with nice arms that will make his partner swoon.

The little wrist cleavage he has between his wrist and hand.

His pot just barely sits over the edge of his diaper. He's not a fat baby but his little Buddha belly is just so adorable. I love to blow on it to make him smile and laugh.

His legs...he has the classic baby leg rolls. I smile with pride knowing that I did that...I helped him grow and get bigger outside of my body with my milk. His legs were so skinny, I just never imagined them with little rolls.

His feet...he likes it when I blow on the bottom of his feet and pretend to chew on his toes. He has big feet, he will be tall like his Papa.

His smile. It melts my heart, makes me laugh and makes me sigh happy little sighs when I see it. Especially first thing in the morning, it makes getting out of bed easier. I also check for teeth 10 times a day, he must get so sick of me sticking my finger in his mouth, haha!

Mid - night nursing sessions. He just recently started going back to these around 4:00am, part of a sleep regression thing. He just wants a little snack, comfort, or something...but it brings me peace in the middle of the night, when it is the darkest and quietest. I wrap us up in a blanket so I dont get cold and recline the chair a bit. The other night, I fell asleep in the chair in his room. I woke up and thought only 15 minutes had was 2 hours later, almost dawn and Maxim was still latched on, sleeping but suckling away.

Bath time. Maxim LOVES bath time and it is the most fun we have all day. He is totally getting into the toys, bubbles and splashing.

Nap time. Its good for him because he gets rest and its good for me because I get a break. I'm able to take care of myself during this time and its pretty frustrating for me if I dont get a little bit of a break. Thankfully, the nap issues are getting much better which makes for a happier, not overtired baby and a happier, less stressed mom and dad.

Night time massage. Sometimes he doesnt always love it but I love it because it allows me to help him relax in a different way and the nights he is really receptive to it, he just totally soaks it in.

His voice. He has the sweetest little voice, he likes to talk and jabber all day. He's squealing and grunting and doing everything he can to learn how to talk. Its so cool, I cannot wait until he says Maman and Papa for the first time.

Reading and music time. I love playing the piano for him and singing to him. His current favorites are Head Shoulders Knees and Toes and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. We also play a ton of regular radio music for him, just like in utero. Still responds to DMB and Our Lady Peace....he's also a fan of "Boom Boom Pow" as we discovered this week and Lady Gaga.

When DH comes boy lights up and loves his Papa. I just love watching DH with him.

Just before he closes his eyes at bedtime. He likes to hold my hand and look up at me as he is falling asleep. Its my favorite part of the day...a time for me to reflect on the good and the bad. How he grew and changed and learned and how I grew, changed and learned too.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Beautiful Boy

Go Habs Go!! Down with the Leafs!!

Bubble Baby

I'm kind of a big deal, Maman!

Winking at Grandma

Love your smile baby!

What big eyes you have!

Our nightly chat before bedtime

Monday, October 11, 2010

5 Months

Maxim is 5 months old today!! It really does go so fast, its hard to believe he was born 5 months ago.

This month Maxim is extremely fascinated with his feet. I think he's kinda blown away that if he drops his other toys and cant get them, at least his feet are always attached and at the ready, haha! This foot fetish of his makes diaper changes more interesting and he tries so hard to get both hands and feet in his mouth at the same time.

He's found his sweet little voice this month as well. We often have little "chats" throughout the day, especially just before he goes down for bed. We cuddle on the couch and he whispers little baby words to me before he finally closes his eyes. I like to think he is thanking me for a nice day of play and fun, taking good care of him and telling me he loves me so much. Sweetest part of my day, other than waking up to baby smiles :)

He is not very good at playing independently yet and he is ok with the jumper and exersaucer for very short periods of time. He would rather I play with him. He does love the over head toys though and sitting in his Bumbo chair. He still just rolls back to tummy but not the other direction so he gets a bit frustrated after being on his belly. He does a bit of tripod sitting but still needs support. He also loves his bath and the toys and bubbles are super fun for him.

We have a nightly routine of dinner, a stroller walk with Papa, bath, nurse and bed time. He is going to bed between 8 and 8:30 which is a huge difference than a few months ago. His naps are slowly getting better but there are still days when he struggles and then is crabby. If we are out later, he adjusts so well so we dont feel too confined to get him to his bed times.

He is a happy little boy and is looking more like me than DH. He is so sweet and we are so so in love with him. We love every day when he learns something new or does something cute. He is such a blessing :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Best Day...

Today is our 3rd anniversary :) It is a beautiful sunny day here, 3 years ago it was slightly cloudy and rainy but still full of enough love, hopes and dreams to light the day. I remember every minute, detail, moment as if it just happened. From the sleepless night and busy morning getting ready to the first night we finally shut off the bed side lamps and cuddled in the darkness as husband and wife .

Some parents say that the birth of their children are the best days of their lives...and I admit, that day was really really wonderful, special, amazing, beautiful...

But our wedding anniversary will always be my best day...because without this day, all my other beautiful days since then and in the future wouldn't be possible without the day I married my very best friend. The love of my life, the guy who turns me on, supports me, makes me laugh daily, cries with me, surprises me, challenges me and most of all, loves me without limits, unconditionally.

3 years down, a lifetime to go. C'est toi que j'taime :)