Wednesday, November 16, 2011

18 months

Sweet Boy,
You are our world. And what an amazing way you make it perfect, special and wonderful everyday.
In the last 3 months you have put on more weight and grew a little taller. I think you're about 25 lbs now. You're wearing 18 months clothes and size four shoes.
You arent talking much yet but you make a lot of noise anyway! You are constantly chattering about and giggling which is super fun. We hope you talk soon.
You are a master at walking and its pretty funny to see you almost run. I'm sure very shortly you will be running and climbing everywhere.
You are so curious about the world. You are starting to show your nurturing side. You love to pet Figaro and give hugs. You also hug your Tigger, your Elmo and your Pierre the Penguin. Pierre is your constant companion, especially at bedtime.
As for eating, you do pretty well most days. Other days, you refuse. Thats ok, we just roll with it around here.
You make maman and papa laugh everyday. Your little spirit is so beautiful.
We call you Boobs, Boobers, Sweet Boy, Beautiful Baby, Maximusisus, Beau Garcon, amongst many others.
You have all your teeth but your bottom canines and your 2 year molars. Pretty sure those fangs are coming soon though.
You constantly have owies and bo-bos, all that running and exploring brings about new bumps along the way. Your favorite toys are your blocks, cars and trucks. You also love music and every night we read a story. Sometimes Papa reads to you in French, other nights Maman reads to you in English. You like to "read" along with us.
You started with some slight tantrums recently. You are quite dramatic already. You yell and bend at the waist if you dont get your way...I'm fairly certain you'll be a body thrower when you get to the full on tantrums.
Many nights when Maman is feeling grateful or if we didnt get a lot of time together before bedtime, I'll sneak in your room, gather you up in my arms and sit with you in the chair, in the dark, gazing at your sweet face as you sleep. I lightly give you kisses on your cheek and stroke your hair, whispering how much I love you. You smile sometimes in your sleep, and Maman feels warm and wonderful inside during these special moments.
Sweet Baby, we adore you through and through. You are our greatest joy, our greatest pride. The love we have and feel for you cannot be described. We are so lucky and blessed.