Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

9 Months

Sweet boy, you are 9 months and Maman cant believe it. I say it every month but its true, time is flying by and you are growing and changing every day.

You now have your top two teeth which means you have 4 teeth now. Maman is pretty sure you have a few more trying to come through as well. You do not do well with teething but then getting two teeth at the same time cant be pleasant. We have figured out you get a bit of a diaper rash just before they are about to surface so at least Maman knows whats going on when you get crabby.

You are smiling constantly now and you talk a lot. In fact, Maman thinks you are now saying Ma Ma and Da Da. Your dad doesnt believe me but Grand Maman heard it too so I cant be crazy. You are also a screamer which really really bugs your dad. You just like to scream when you're happy, mad, for attention, when you're tired, to hear your voice. We hope you outgrow it soon, it hurts our ears and Figaro gets pretty annoyed too, haha!

You are now eating 3-4 small jars of baby food a day, at lunch and dinner time. You love ALL the fruits and veggies but you are not a fan of the blends...I dont blame you, they kinda smell funky anyway. Your favorites seem to be blueberries, carrots, squash and apple sauce. You also love yogurt like its going out of style and you can feed yourself cheese, pasta, baby mum-mums and banana. We're doing a combo of you feeding yourself and jar food. You dont like Maman's homemade purees so we'll just do whatever works.

You love books and reading and I'm reading you the Boxcar Children series one book at time. Maman still has these books from when she was little and she loves reading them to you. You also love blocks, your train, cars, your penguin and your stacker shapes.

Your naps are much much better. You are getting at least 2-4 hours of good naps a day. I think eliminating the third nap helped with this. Your sleep is really erratic right now which makes Maman very tired but it isnt affecting your mood which is good.

You are sitting up completely without support, including in the bath tub. We havent moved you to the big tub yet, its just easier to put you in the infant tub (its big enough too!) on the counter. We'll move you soon, you are going to get too long for it even when sitting up. You arent moving much otherwise which is ok, you'll move when you're ready. You do sometimes get yourself on your belly now trying to reach for things but thats about it. We go swimming twice a week, once with daddy on Tuesday nights. You love the water and you kick and wave your little arms and try to "blow bubbles" too.

You are such a happy baby and we are so happy to be your parents. Its really hard to believe that in 3 months you'll be one year old. We savor and marvel at every moment with you and we have so much fun. Love you so so much, sweet sweet boy!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I Cant Wait.....

For him to be able to pick his own nose.

Its like I'm sticking bamboo under his finger nails every time I try to clean out his nose.

FYI, I gave up on that snot bulb after a month. What a useless, how the fuck do you work this damn thing, clearly one needs an nursing degree to use it, piece of junk baby item.


Remind me of this post in 2 years when I'm yelling at him to not eat his snot, wipe it on the couch or chase the cat with it.