Friday, December 7, 2012

How can you be halfway to 3?

My dear boy,

How is it that you are 2.5 years old?  My boy, you are such a little man and so sweet in so many ways.  

You still love to eat many of the same things, its a wonder we can get you to eat any fruit or veggies.  That is very hit and miss as is your diet in general.  We just chug along.

You moved into your big boy bunk bed and you love it.  So far no major incidents and the transition was so easy, your maman thanks you.

You love your Pierre the penguin and Monica your baby.  Monica sleeps in the drawer of the tv stand and Pierre is with you every night.  You also love Figaro our kitty and you are very kind to animals.

You play with puzzles, blocks, coloring books and trucks.  You also still bang away at your keyboard, dancing and clapping and now singing.

Your language is flourishing and its really cool to see how you switch between French and English. 

Little man, not all is positive.  You are in a pushing phase at daycare but we're thinking it will pass soon.  Also you tend to think cookies should follow dinner whether you eat your dinner or not.  Also we've had to leave swimming lessons a few time because you dont like to listen and have a mind of your own.  A mind of your own is a wonderful thing my son, but structure is important too.  You're get a minor pass for now as much of this is quite normal. :)

You are an endless ball of energy and you are so so sweet.  We love you sweet boy, we love you, we love you :)

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